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Kellton Tech are a global technology company with a start-up philosophy to always be nimble, agile and responsive to our clients' unique needs. To do that, we always have to ensure we are responsive ourselves, to all the latest changes and challenges in modern technology.

We believe that the best way to do that is to absorb as many insights from as many places as possible. In return, we share our thoughts, our ideas and our success from across our business. That way, we learn from our successes, we grow from our mistakes and we continue to be at the forefront of technology, so that we can continue to offer infinite possibilities.


ZEE5 Partners with Kellton Tech to Shift from Legacy to Hyper-Scalable, Cloud-Native CMS

October 13th , 2020
Gurugram–India, October10, 2020: Kellton Tech (BSE&NSE: KELLTONTEC), a global leader in digital transformation and integration, announced that it has been chosen by ZEE5, India’s Entertainment...
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Top 6 Considerations for SaaS Application Development

October 19th , 2020
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development business is growing at a fast pace, attracting organizations across industries. More and more companies are investing their resources in SaaS applicati...
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Drive Meaningful Business Outcomes with Enterprise Data-as-a-Service (eDaaS)

September 29th , 2020
It’s a challenge for enterprises to aggregate data from multiple data silos to obtain actionable insights. Enterprise Data-as-a-Service (eDaaS) is an approach that can help solve many of these data ...
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Introduction to Mule 4.3 and Anypoint Runtime Fabric (RTF)

October 27th , 2020
Time: 12:00 PM EST Registration Link = Click Here Join us for a live webinar session and demo to gain premier insights into the capabilities of Mule 4.3 and Anypoint Runtime Fabric (RT...
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